Beer Tasting Brevard

We provide at-home Beer Tasting services throughout Brevard County, FL!

Reasons to Host a Craft Beer Tasting


  • After Dinner
  • Weekend
  • Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties


  • College Graduations
  • Weddings
  • Promotions

Learn more about Beer

  • Different Styles
  • New Breweries
  • Beers from Outside of Florida

Choose the plan that’s right for your Event!

We can do events for as few as 5 people, or as many as you'd like!

5 People


  • 130+ oz of delicious beers!
  • Snacks provided

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10+ People


  • As much beer as you'd like
  • Snacks, appetizers, etc provided

Get Started


Contact us and let us know a location, time, and number of people you want to host.

It is recommended to have a large table to sit around for a tasting.

Beer Tasting Brevard will arrive and pour beers for each person at the event.

Each person will receive about 25oz of high quality craft beers, about 2-4oz per beer.

Beer Tasting Brevard will open 1 bottle at a time, pour a taste for each person, then repeat until all bottles are empty.

We can verify with the host which bottles we are bringing ahead of time.

Previous Bottle Shares

Why to Hire Beer Tasting Brevard for your Craft Beer Tasting

Beer Tasting Brevard (Robert Skelton) has a wealth of knowledge about drinking beer.

We maintain an exclusive cellar of rare and valuable beers, worth in the thousands of dollars.

We have hosted and attended 50+ Beer Tastings since 2012.

Founder of the AU Beer Facebook Group (500+ members discussing, sharing, and trading beers in Auburn, AL)

Active Member of Craft Beer in Brevard Facebook Group.

Multi-Year Member of Cigar City’s El Catador Club

Lots of Travel, which means Purchasing Rare Beers while out of Brevard County.

Active Beer Trader - We can even get most out of town beers at your request (additional charge).